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Friends of Lake Hiawatha – Update

ASK the MPRB to Vote YES in January 2022

The Friends of Lake Hiawatha Asks you to call and email your MPRB Commissioner TODAY to ask them to

VOTE YES to APPROVE MPRB’s Hiawatha Golf Course Property Masterplan

MPRB Hiawatha Project Page   Final Master Plan [PDF] & Final Executive Summary [PDF)

FOLH letter to MPRB asking them to approve the Plan

Friends of Lake Hiawatha Talking Points to Use

Friends of Lake Hiawatha Action Alert

We have a historic opportunity this week to improve water quality, increase year-round recreational access and expand habitat, restore nature at Lake Hiawatha this week! 

The Friends of Lake Hiawatha Asks you to call and email your MPRB Commissioner today, Tues or Wed 2/17. (see the list below for your MPRB Commissioner and for At Large City-wide Commissioners to call

To urge them to VOTE YES to APPROVE MPRB’s Hiawatha Golf Course Property Masterplan

this Wednesday, July 21 at 5:30 pm, at the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) public hearing on the Hiawatha Golf Course Property Master Plan ( announcement) MPRB Hiawatha Project Page     Final Master Plan [PDF] Final Executive Summary [PDF)FOLH letter

Please include a reason that you are asking Commissioners to approve the Master Plan along with all or some of our FOLH talking points.

The MPRB Hiawatha Golf Course Property Masterplan is supported by Friends of Lake Hiawatha The Master Plan INCLUDES these BENEFITS

  • Stormwater treatment: The north pipe stormwater treatment plan addresses the major source of trash, pollutants and sediment inputs which have plagued Lake Hiawatha for 86 years. Finally providing safe equitable access to clean water for future generations.
  • Golf: Preserves the community asset of Hiawatha Golf Course and honors its African American History.
  • Climate Change: creates climate resilience by restoring wetland function to Lake Hiawatha and the watershed, increasing flood storage capacity and stabilizing lake level fluctuations while still protecting homes.
  • Biodiversity: The plan preserves, protects and enhances the biodiversity of Lake Hiawatha which is currently home to at least 249 species of animals.
  • Dakhóta Makhóčhe: The plan acknowledges the history and stewardship of Dakota and Indigenous Peoples who were unjustly executed, imprisoned and expelled from their sacred homeland and birthplace.
  • Pesticide reductions: an ecologically driven golf course addresses chemical pollutants, eliminating or reducing the use of fungicides, herbicides and pesticides.
  • Equity: creates clean water and safe recreational opportunities for the diverse population of park users of Lake Hiawatha while recognizing that environmental injustice disproportionately impacts people of color.
  • Downstream: Acknowledges and reduces the cumulative downstream impacts of pollutants originating on this property including stormwater, golf course runoff and groundwater pumping. 

The MPRB is responsible for removing trash pollution from Lake Hiawatha. They have long ignored this obligation with grave ecological consequences. This has resulted in what is likely the most trash polluted lake in the State of Minnesota. This is an ongoing embarrassment for the City of Lakes.

The MPRB is responsible for the loss of wetland function and climate resilience when they purchased this land, dredged the Lake, filled in the wetlands and straightened Minnehaha Creek, effectively removing all traces of habitat, wildlife residents and the resilience of this landscape.

Please reach out to MPRB commissioners in advance of their Public Comment meeting with an email or call.  Here is the list of commissioner’s email.  If you write to it must be submitted by NOON February 17th as is requests to speak.  Be aware that comments being read are kept to 1 minute including your introduction, so being as concise as possible is desirable.  Virtual Speaker Signup Form 

“Bourn, Brad” <>, District 6 612-230-6443, Ext 6

“Cowgill, Jono M.” <>, District 4, Board President 612-230-6443, Ext 4

“Kale Severson”, District 2 612-230-6443, Ext 2

 “French, Londel” , Commissioner at Large 612-230-6443, Ext 7

“Vetaw, Latrisha M.” <>, Commissioner at Large, V.P. 612-230-6443, Ext 9

“Hassan, AK A.” District 3 612-230-6443, Ext 3

“Musich, Steffanie D.” <>, District 5 (SENA, Nokomis) 612-230-6443, Ext 5

“Forney, Meg A.” <>, Commissioner at Large 612-230-6443, Ext 8

“Meyer, Chris J.” <> , District 1 612-230-6443, Ext 1

Thanks so much! 

Friends of Lake Hiawatha

Sean Connaughty,

Roxanne Stuhr,

Penny Fuller, Penny Fuller

Sean Gosiewski, 612 250-09389