Leaders from 50+ metro cities participated in our Resilient Cities Workshops from 2016 to 2019.

We are following up to invite them to become active with our county clusters.

Carver County’s Resilience Projects with the U of M Resilient Communities Project  Learn More

Carver County Resilience Team a Community Organization and ad hoc cooperative effort of nonprofits, city and county programs, volunteers, businesses and service orgs, committed to working together. Let’s help everyone in our area to bounce back and thrive.




Carver County’s 2040 Comprehensive Plan includes land use goals to preserve the viability of the agricultural economy for future generations and maintain the County’s unique and rural agricultural character. To accomplish this, the County’s land use policy is to direct most urban developments to cities and allow limited residential and commercial development in the remainder of the county. In 2040, the majority of the County will continue to be used for agriculture, about 68%