High Impact Actions for Low Carbon Cities

Please join us at the MPCA Buildings & Energy Sector Webinar today Mon October 23 (1 p.m.): Clean energy and efficient buildings to brainstorm priority actions to include in the MPCA’s priority strategy list they will be sending into the EPA for the Carbon Pollution Reduction Grants that will enable MN local governments to apply for EPA CPRP implementation grants.

Share your ideas on the MPCA page https://engage.eqb.state.mn.us/climate-priorities on the MPCA Project Template Form

and via our RCC Google Doc of Sample Multi City Projects for Buildings and Energy

  • Oct 6 RII Buildings Background Slides on Cities’ Progress & Next Steps
  • Oct 6 Buildings High Impact City Actions
  • 1. Efficient Public Buildings – Use the State’s B3 public building benchmarking tool to target energy-efficiency improvements.
  • 2. Adopt an Energy Benchmarking Ordinance
  • 3.  Adopt a Sustainable Building Policy
  • 4. Integrate a sustainability in the city’s development review process
  • 5. Make the most of TOD and Large Site Redevelopments
  • 6. Truth in Sale of Housing Inspections including energy scores.
  • 7. 1-Stop Residential/Commercial Efficiency Financing & Referrals
  • 8. Increase EE Access for Low Income Households & Renters
  • 9. Weatherization PLUS + electrification + healthy homes
  • 10 . Help Improve State-wide Building Efficiency Standards

  Action 1. Efficient Public Buildings – Use the State’s B3 public building benchmarking tool to target energy-efficiency improvements. (City Operations) Resources B3 www.b3mn.org/  GSC BPA 1.1  For Existing Public Buildings

  Action 2. Adopt an Energy Benchmarking Ordinance – for large commercial & multifamily buildings. Join the Multi-City Team – Efficient Buildings Collaborative   GSC BPA 2.3  City of St. Paul Policy for Existing Commercial Buildings

Action 3.  Adopt a Sustainable Building Policy – Require SB2030 for city and/or private new buildings receiving city financial/regulatory support.  Multi-City Team Efficient Buildings Collaborative, for New Commercial & Public Buildings

Efficient Buildings Collaborative –  Find resources for cities developing and implementing building energy benchmarking and transparency policies, as well as information for building owners affected by these policies. 

  Action 5. Make the most of Transit Oriented Development (TOD) and Large Site Redevelopments to advance affordability & equity, complete neighborhoods, net zero construction, district energy, ground source heat pumps, solar, transit, bike/ped, shared E.V.s, storm water/ecological restoration, community spaces

City/County Coordinated Investments

Action 6. Require residential Truth in Sale of Housing Inspections & reporting that includes energy data. For Existing Residential Buildings

Action 7. Dedicate 1-stop Residential/Commercial improvement funding for Energy Efficiency, Heat Pumps, Solar, Electric Panel Upgrades, E.V. Chargers, etc. 

  • Resources City of Minneapolis Green Cost Share  & 4D Affordable Housing Incentive /Green Cost Share
  • One Stop Follow Up –  Support property owners to make recommended energy improvements with partners (follow up, financing, list of approved contractors) Home Energy Squad Follow Up Resources,
  • PACE – Engage businesses to have energy audits and to use PACE to make improvements MinnPace
  • Maximize Use of Federal IRA’22 Tax Credits – Educate/Engage home owners, commercial and residential building owners & developers to use new federal tax credits to weatherize buildings and install air source heat pumps, electrical panel upgrades, efficient lighting, solar, E.V. charging

Action 8. Remove Barriers/Increase Access for Low Income Households & Renters to make energy Improvements – insulation, air sealing, appliance and HVAC replacement, heat pumps, access to E.V.s

  • Action 9 Integrate electrification (heat pumps, stoves, etc.) & healthy home (mold, lead, etc.) & senior-friendly improvements into home weatherization.
  • Electrification – Air source heat pumps, Ground Source Geothermal, etc.
  • Healthy Homes
  • Universal Design

Advancing State & Federal Policies   New Commercial & Large Multi-Family Buildings

 Action 10. Improving State-wide Building Efficiency Standards

  • Support Legislation requiring MN state level energy building standards to upgrade every 3 years to match new model standards Better Buildings for MN (6 cities) www.betterbuildingsmn.org/  Blog Post
  • Support legislation allowing Cities to adopt a Stretch Building Code for Commercial Buildings Link
  • Update Intl. model energy codes – City Building Inspectors participating w ICC every 3 years MEEA Blog