MN Local BIPOC Elected Leaders Network

Statewide Minnesotan elected leaders of color are forming a peer learning network to support one another personally and professionally as they work to advance equitable climate and resilience solutions in their city and county that benefit everyone.

RCC is organizing and convening a pilot group in 2021 as an exciting new focus area for advancing resilient cities and communities. From Austin to Brooklyn Park, to Richfield, to Minnetonka, to Bemidji we are connecting seasoned and newly elected leaders of color who are passionate about learning and growing together.

These leaders are committed to developing a support network and mentoring relationships for creating resilient communities by representing the underrepresented and giving a voice to all Minnesotans. 

The network will help mentor the next generations of BIPOC elected leaders on commissions as a pathway for increasing BIPOC elected leaders at the city and county level.

Core team – Council Member Wynfred Russell, Brooklyn Park, Mayor Maria Regan Gonzales, Richfield, Council Member Kissy Coakley, Minnetonka, Council Member Audrey Thayer, Bemidji, Council Member Yakasah Wehyee, Falcon Heights

To learn more about and get involved with this peer-learning network, please connect with Leo Ndiaye Coordinator, MN BIPOC Local Elected Leaders Cohort

The MN BIPOC Local Elected Leaders Network’s Fiscal Agent is Nexus Community Partners Check out the Boards and Commissions Leadership Institute that Nexus Hosts