City County Climate Action Conference THURSDAY, October 6 

Oct 6 Conference Video Links, notes, next steps & resources

Teams from 40 cities and six counties met to share and find find practical support for their city’s next steps to implement high impact actions for low-carbon buildings, energy, transportation, resilience, equity, green jobs & zero waste. We were joined by 200 city & county staff, elected leaders, commission & community volunteers and community, nonprofit, business, utility, watershed and university implementation partners. FALL CONFERENCE SPONSORS

 Video Keynote   Becky Alexander, Regional Indicators Initiative, LHB

  • Buildings City Progress/Next Steps
  • Energy City Progress/Next Steps
  • Transportation City Progress/Next Steps
  • Zero Waste City Progress

  • Topic Break Outs – Experienced cities shared high-impact actions they’ve taken and resource people shared current resources & multi-city teams available to support cities. We brainstormed ways to overcome barriers that would prevent cities from taking the actions. List of 25 High Impact City Actions
  • City and County Teams worked in small groups with topic experts to plan next steps to stay on track to cut carbon pollution in half by 2030 and to become net zero by 2050
  • Efficient Buildings
  • Clean Energy
  • Transportation
  • Resilience
  • Green Jobs
  • Zero Waste

  • County Cluster Conversations
  • Dakota
  • Hennepin
  • Ramsey
  • Scott
  • Washington
  • SE MN
  • NE MN