“Whatever the problem, community is the answer. Whatever the need, community is the answer. Because that’s where we can rediscover how good we are, how good we can be  when we’re together.”  Margaret J. Wheatley 

The RCC Network

We support community leaders and peer-learning networks to build shared power and impact in Minnesota’s cities in six ways:

City Action Teams

City Action Teams are intergenerational teams of citizen and commission volunteers, city staff, and elected leaders setting and meeting city-wide resilience goals. Examples are Citizen Coalitions, Environment/ Sustainability Commissions and City Staff and Green Teams.

County clusters

County Clusters are coalitions of leaders of cities and counties meeting for peer-learning and shared-implementation. The RCC network is connecting Citizen Coalitions, Sustainability Coalitions, City Staff, Elected Leaders, County Staff and Boards.

Topic teams

Topic Teams are city leaders meeting for peer-learning and implementing new projects and policies together.

Peer Learning Networks

RCC peer-learning networks are focused on advancing equity climate actions in innovative ways that foster, equity, resilience, systemic change, and regenerative futures.

Policy team

Policy Team are city leaders monitoring policy developments and advocating for changes at the city, county, metro state and federal levels to advance equity and resilience.

Sustainable Business Partners

RCC Sustainable Business & Nonprofit Partners – help cities implement innovative projects to meet their climate/resilience goals.

We invite your business or nonprofit to work with us to

  • Partner on implementation with cities
  • Increase your visibility with local decision makers 
  • Model resilience with operations, facilities, and grounds
  • Support your City, County and Metro region to set and achieve ambitious and equitable resilience goals
  • Demonstrate your commitment and leadership