Action 20. Continually increase City use of renewable energy GSC BP#15.2

Action 21. Adopt City purchasing policy that prioritizes energy-efficient, low-impact products and services GSC BP#15

Action 22. Certify as a solar-ready community GSC BP#26.7   MN Sol Smart Cities Guide

Action 23. Adopt a PACE resolution to facilitate commercial/industrial EE/RE financing GSC BP#26.3  MinnPace

Action 24. If a Muni, adopt accelerating targets for RE generation/purchases I.E.: Rochester Public Utilities Goals

Action 25. Support municipal, residential & commercial solar installation (community solar, solar group buys, solar feasibility studies) GSC BP#26  Promote resident/business purchases of clean energy GSC BP#26.2

Action 26. Cities, county, community & utility representatives meeting to plan ways to meet local 100% renewable energy access goals & produce renewable natural gas (anaerobic digestion, methane capture) Resources: Partners in Energy  Partnership on Waste & Energy|Hennepin |Ramsey|Washington , Minneapolis Clean Energy Partnership


  • Now – Electricity generation GHG emissions in MN have decreased by 29% since 2005 staying on track to meet Next Generation Energy Act Goals. MN Dept. of Commerce 2021 Report Xcel Energy’s Updated IRP includes plans to become carbon-free. 
  • Goal – Cut carbon pollution from electricity generation, transmission & use 50% by 2030 & become net zero by 2050 while growing clean electricity supply as we electrify buildings and transportation.
  • How – Increase grid scale solar, wind & storage. Distributed solar. City procurement. Community solar. Energy efficiency. Low carbon heating. Upgrading electric grid. MN Climate Action Framework.
  • New Opportunities – Wind & Solar Federal tax credits extended through 2030. New Federal IRA’22 opportunities for tribal communities & rural electric coops. Energy Storage, Smart Grid & Meters, Demand Response, Time of Use Pricing, Micro Grids.
  • Co-Benefits – Reduced cost & air pollution. Grid resilience. Local Economic development. Electrifying buildings and transportation expands electricity sales and spreads out grid improvement costs.

Local Planning Handbook


Brian Ross, Great Plains Institute, Energy Planning Presentation 

LoGoPEP Energy Planning Resources