Local Outdoor Air Quality & Best Practices to Improve It See the video and power point slides from this excellent MN Green Step City Workshop, presented live on October 19, 2022, to learn about best practices for decreasing air contaminates and improving air quality in your community. https://mngreenstepcities.blogspot.com/2022/10/local-outdoor-air-quality-best.html

Learn about effective strategies to improve indoor air and health

RCC Comments Supporting the CLEAN AIR Goals in the Draft City of Minneapolis Climate Equity Plan

  Address cumulative air quality impacts (and heat islands) in priority areas through City-County-Community Collaboration with North & South Side Green Zones

  • In areas with high asthma & heart disease rates, conduct cumulative air quality impact studies and plan & implement actions to reduce point source & mobile source air pollution, electrify busses & heavy vehicles, prevent highway expansion, mitigate air pollution through tree planting and reach out to households experiencing asthma to improve indoor air quality & boost health care participation and health outcomes.


 City/County Coordinated Investments

  Expand tree canopy through coordinated county-city investments – focus on equity & heat islands

  Integrate Resilience in infrastructure through coordinated county-city investments (Fed IIJA Funds)

  Update & co-implement County-Wide All Hazard Mitigation (emergency preparedness) & Natural Resources Plans with county, cities and community-based organizations. https://www.hennepin.us/residents/emergencies/emergency-management