RCC Webinars on Net-Zero, Resilient, Inclusive Redevelopment

Monthly Webinar Series/ Peer Learning Cohort in 2023 for Teams of local leaders guiding Large Site & Transit Oriented Developments to include DISTRICT energy/ geothermal, storm water, parking, mixes uses, shared mobility, E.V., bike-pedestrian and transit friendly.

District Heating and Cooling Opportunity Sites in MN

Arden Hills – Rice Creek Commons

Duluth – Superior Ave Reconstruction

Minneapolis – Towerside, Hi-Lake, Nicollet/Lake, Upper Harbor Terminal

Rochester – Medical Destination Center

St. Paul – Hillcrest, Ford Site

Focus – make it simpler for motivated city commission volunteers, elected leaders and city staff to

  • Guide/work with developers to shape their city’s large site and transit-oriented developments to be,
  • low-carbon, mixed-use (complete neighborhoods), equitable & resilient with high performance buildings, EV and solar ready bike/ped/transit -friendly, shared use mobility, etc.
  • DISTRICT energy/ geothermal, storm water, parking, etc.

Proposed Monthly Sessions

Using City Policy and Process to Guide Low-Carbon Re-Development

Towerside forming a visionary team to guide devlopment

How St. Paul is using its Sustainable Building Policies and other tools to advance inclusive, resilient low-carbon redevelopment. Ford Site, Hillcrest, Riverview Corridor

Integrating a sustainability in the city’s development review process Addressing the Sustainability Gap Guide for Cities Michael Orange

  • District/Network Geothermal / Building Electrification
  • Efficient new buildings, examples, technologies, design, design review, financing, construction, quality assurance,
  • Equity – Inclusionary zoning/ inclusion during the development process, Community Benefits agreements
  • Public Realm, District Stormwater, Green Infrastructure, Micro Grids

  • Complete Neighborhoods – zoning for mixed use development, attracting and keeping anchor businesses,
  • Transportation/ transit access/bike ped connections/ Mobility Hubs /District Parking/ Shared Use EV Fleets
  • Benefits of TOD for increasing tax base of cities & counties