Taking action on climate change 

Climate change is a global problem requiring strong collective action, and local communities are taking the lead in coming to grips with it. Resilient Cities & Communities collaborates with cities, other governmental jurisdictions and residents to develop efficient and socially equitable responses to global warming—strategies to curb carbon emissions and help communities adapt to climate changes already underway.  

We envision resilient cities and other communities working together to achieve their 2030 and 2050 climate goals, in the process not only sustaining but enhancing their economies and quality of life in the face of momentous change.

RCC is working with community coalitions, county clusters, business partners and other stakeholders to advocate for local and regional climate policies and other significant action to meet local, state and global deadlines for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and achieving a carbon-free future.

These important, high-impact initiatives include increasing the energy-efficiency of homes and commercial buildings; installing more solar power; encouraging the use of electric vehicles; and urban reforestation.