RCC engages communities of peer-learning stakeholders in regional networks that are committed to developing the capacities of citizen, city, and county leaders for equitable climate actions generating greater community resilience in the region.

We’re here to help you achieve your goals.

Contact us at info@rccmn.co to request a conversation.

We want to learn about your needs and are here to source solutions in the community.

Bridging relationships

  • Convening Community Conversations
  • Convening Equity Conversations
  • Learning how to get started with peer-led sustainability commissions, environmental commissions, and human rights commissions
  • Mobilizing Grassroots Citizens Groups
  • Connecting Communities to Cities
  • Educating City Staff Green Teams

Building capacity

  • Elevating the Voice Youth Environmental Leadership
  • Creating Environmental & Human Rights Commissions
  • Leading Community Visioning & Process
  • Community Assessments and Analysis (Mapping)
  • Designing Regenerative Community Learning Pods

Acting together

  • Creating Climate Action, Adaptation, and Resilience Plans
  • Implementing Environment, Equity & Resilience Plans
  • Supporting cities in running community-based education and marketing campaigns
  • Measuring Impacts with Benchmarks and Dashboards
  • Sharing Best Practices and Community Resilience Stories