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2022 Legislative Session – Action Alerts

Increase SCORE funding for cities & counties to meet challenging recycling goals

Updating Minnesota’s commercial energy code

  • Buildings are a top source of carbon pollution—both globally and in Minnesota—contributing 40 percent of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. And while Minnesota’s electricity and transportation sectors are getting cleaner, pollution from buildings continues to grow every year. One of the solutions to this problem is updating Minnesota’s energy codes.
  • Sahan Journal Article People of color are more likely to live in multifamily housing with high heating bills. Modernizing Minnesota’s building codes to improve energy efficiency would save them money—and help the environment.

Maximizing federal investments in Minnesota

  • Fresh Energy Action Alert Tell your legislators to build Minnesota’s clean energy future!
  • The Legislature must act in 2022 to avoid missing out on this unprecedented investment in Minnesota’s future infrastructure.
  • We need to pursue state matching dollars to ensure that Minnesota fully leverages the historic opportunity presented by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. This is a unique opportunity to advance everything from electric school buses to a more resilient electric grid. Some of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law funds—as much as 40 percent—will come in the form of competitive grants over the next five years.

Expand Passenger Rail in MN: Support state investment to win competitive federal funds. 

Call your State Senator and House Representative to urge their support for HF1393/SF2365!