creating resilience by…

Bridging Relationships. Building Capacity. Acting Together.

The suburban cities where active RCC citizen leaders live in range from being very early adopters to being slow adopters. Over several years RCC staff and peer mentors work with a core group of local leaders in a new RCC city to complete five key steps.

For more information please contact: Sean Gosiewski, Program Director, Resilient Cities & Communities 612 250-0389 who is the MN GreenStep Cities Best Practice Advisor for Best Practice #24 Benchmarks and Community Engagement

Bridging Relationships.

(1) organizing a citizen sustainability coalition

(2) build a broader base of support within their community among students, faith communities, BIPOC communities, League of Women Voters, businesses, environmentalists. (Photo from Sustainable Stillwater’s community launch event.)

Building Capacity.

(3) finding a City Council Member and city staff who are open to working on sustainability

(4) passing a City Council Resolution to form a City Sustainability commission to guide the city’s work and working with leaders to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion. See the sample bylaws for Richfield’s Sustainability commission Link

Acting Together.

(5) Recruiting diverse, motivated volunteers to serve on their Sustainability Commission that creates and implements an annual sustainability/resilience work plan in partnership with their City Council and their City Staff Green Team. See the sample Annual Workplan from Bloomington’s Sustainability Commission.