Transportation / Land Use

Electric vehicles, transit , bike & walkability, equitable TOD, in-fill redevelopment

Action 1. Support sustained state, regional & county transit investments Reprioritize spending

Action 2. Prioritize pedestrians, bikes, transit in public right of ways complete streets

Action 3. Plan for equitable in-fill redevelopment Net Zero, Equitable, Walkable, TOD

Action 4. Support increased adoption of Electric Vehicles City Fleets, E.V. Charging Ordinance 

Action 5. Shared Mobility Joint powers agreements to regulate shared mobility modes

Comment by March 15

MPCA Clean Cars Rulemaking Web Site – ways you and your city can comment to support rules to expand access to more E.V. choices for MN consumers and help cities meet our climate goals.

Helpful resources from Fresh Energy for those seeking to make comments supporting the MN Clean Cars Rules.