Community Engagement Peer-Learning Cohort (CEC) with Greenstep Cities – Notes and Next Steps

Workshops for Commissions

Mark your calendar to join us GreenStep Fall Workshop on Community Engagement Wed Oct 20th 2021 9 to 11am at the League of MN Cities and on zoom – more info and the RSVP link will be posted here

  • Michael Orange MN RETAP will share the new Resource Guide for City Environmental Commissions to help integrate sustainability into proposed Development/Re-Development Projects (Executive Summary)

Resources to help you launch or strengthen your environmental commission and/or Green Team.

One on one support for cities to start or strengthen environmental commissions and/or city staff green teams. Contact: Sean Gosiewski, Green Step Best Practice Advisor, BPA #24.1 612 240-0389

Environmental Commission Chair Networking Calls sharing goals, next steps, challenges and successes.

County Clusters – adjacent cities working together to meet city and county equity, sustainability, and resilience goals Commission and community coalition volunteers meet regularly by county to share successes & challenges and plan ways cities and their county can work together. Contact us to get involved.

GreenStep City Best Practices: Resilient Economic and Community Development
#24.1 – Benchmarks and Community Engagement

Contact: Sean Gosiewski, Green Step Best Practice Advisor, BPA #24 612 240-0389

BPA 24.1 Use a city commission, or committee to lead, coordinate, and report to and engage community members on implementation of sustainability best practices.

Many GreenStep cities use an existing group, such as a city environmental commission or an existing civic group, as their GreenStep implementation or “green” team. Those forming a new committee to lead, coordinate and report on the implementation of GreenStep best practices

Helpful Resources

  • Read about how green teams work in the cities of Scandia and Crosslake.  
  • New : The GreenStep Green Team Work Plan  covers tips for creating and maintaining successful green teams and much more: case studies, testimonials, and step-by-step guidance on how Green Teams might move forward on Benchmarking Public Buildings (BP 1.1) and Comprehensive and Related Plans (BP 6).