CountY Climate Action

Help shape Hennepin Counties Climate Action Plan

  • Possible Talking Points to consider as you share input
  • Below are highlights of high impact actions 60 leaders from 14 cities in Hennepin County discussed on Jan 22.

Energy Topic Team

  • Joint Solar Procurement for city & county buildings
  • Supporting stronger statewide building codes
  • Educating developers on Energy Design Assistance
  • Equitable Hiring and contracting – solar, weatherization
  • Commenting on Xcel’s IRP to expand renewables, DR & DG


  • Support sustained state, regional & county transit investments AND Reprioritize spending
  • Prioritize pedestrians, bikes, transit in public right of ways 
  • Plan for equitable in-fill redevelopment Net Zero,, Walkable, TOD
  • Support increased adoption of Electric Vehicles 


  • Efficient Buildings Collaborative (cities passing energy benchmarking ordinances (commercial and multi family)
  • Workforce development, equitable hiring, contracting, small business development related to home weatherization
  • Renter % Multifamily Engagement  energy burdened households
  • Sustainable Building Requirements – when County invests funds
  • Educating Developers Xcel design assistance, PACE funding
  • Strengthening statewide energy building codes
  • Truth in Sale of Housing Inspections  energy audit and energy score


  • Infrastructure Resilience/ Living Streets
  • Equitable investments in urban forestry
  • Workforce development, equitable hiring, contracting, small business development in infrastructure investment, Bottineau Corridor, Blue Line
  • Agricultural land preservation, local food systems

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