Announcing our 2024 RCC Board Leadership

Resilient Cities and Communities is pleased to announce that our Board elected Wynfred Russell, as our RCC Board President to lead our vital work in 2024 supporting metro cities and counties to make the most of new state & federal funding to meet local climate goals together while building equitable, resilient communities.

Wynfred brings decades of relevant experience to his role as RCC President, as a past Brooklyn Park City Council member and Founder & Director of Health Equity, African Career Education & Resources (ACER.)

Wynfred and all our RCC Board members bring extensive metro-wide community connections and climate & equity expertise.

In 2024 our RCC staff, board and partners will connect community-based organizations with their cities and counties to work together to invest new state and federal funds to plant trees, weatherize homes, and build walkable communities that are connected by convenient transit and bike lanes.

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