MN Cities Declare a Climate Emergency

MN Cities to Declare a Climate Emergency! Invite your City Council pass the resolution & join the effort. handout

Local governments of all sizes, and in all regions of MN will join in declaring a Climate Emergency on January 24th or 25th, calling for immediate action at all levels of government to address the climate crisis. By acting simultaneously, these state-wide localities expect to amplify their impact, speaking together to urge local, state and federal action.

Citizen leaders and youth are invited to support your City Council pass the resolution & join the effort! Local elected officials working on this in these jurisdictions:  Bloomington, Columbia Heights, Edina, Golden Valley, Grand Marais, Grand Rapids, Lauderdale, Moorhead, Northfield, Red Wing, Robbinsdale, Rochester, St. Louis Park. They would love to have support from people in their communities – youth, anyone who cares about the climate.

To learn more please contact

Larry Kraft, St. Louis Park City Council Member, or Lola Schoenrich GPI 612-720-9558

Already declared Climate Emergencies : Duluth, Minneapolis, Crystal Bay. 

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