invest in Climate Solutions in the Mpls 2021 Budget

Please send in your comments by 3pm Wed Dec 7, before the final public hearing that starts at 4pm Budget Comment Form

Thanks for making a priority when passing the 2021 City of Minneapolis budget to continue equitable investments in energy efficiency, rebuilding, resilience and climate solutions! 

On behalf of 30 neighborhood environment committees across Minneapolis active with our Mpls Green Teams coalition with Minneapolis Climate Action and Resilient Cities & Communities

Please make sure that full amount of annual revenue from the .5% Franchise fee increase approved to fund climate and energy action  is spent on equitable investments in energy efficiency and climate solutions.

While it looks like the 2021 proposed budget for the Sustainability Office and Climate Investments is at about 1.4 million, please work to increase that number to closer to the 2.1 Million the City included in its 2020 budget for this work. While the city is facing a revenue shortfall for 2021 investments in energy efficient and resilient reconstruction must be a priority because of the long term benefits of building back better.

We are excited that the Mayor Frey and Council Vice President Andrea Jenkins have announced the Minneapolis Forward: Rebuild Resilient program on Nov 17 which includes $1.17 million in small business energy efficiency grants aimed at small businesses owned by people of color, immigrants and those affected by this year’s civil unrest.

Please prioritize maintaining energy efficiency and solar incentive investments for home owners and businesses city wide that are funded by the .5% franchise fee increase. Resident and business demand for city supported energy efficiency programs is increasing rapidly city-wide through the Energy Benchmarking program and the Truth in Sale of Housing ordinance that requires energy audits when you are selling your home.

Let’s get the city on track to meet the new climate targets of 50% by 2030 and 100% by 2050 while reducing energy burdens for residents and businesses and expanding good paying jobs in energy efficiency and solar.  

Sean Gosiewski, Program Director 612 250-0389  sean AT Resilient Cities & Communities 

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