Aug15 Innovative Right of Way Webinar

CTS Innovative Right of Way Webinar Symposium

Mon Aug 15, Noon – 3 pm Central Time

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Cohosted by the Humphrey Institute & Center for Transportation Studies   

Maximizing Transportation Assets by Building Community Connection
Through Innovative Development of Rights of Way and Airspace: A Case Study Workshop and Symposium
Summary and Purpose of Event:

Transportation agencies are considering new and innovative practices for transportation assets to meet ambitious goals like mitigating environmental impacts, encouraging placemaking, and enhancing economic opportunity while continuing to meet their original purpose. Providing future-oriented transportation facilities requires innovative partnerships, community connections, and fostering development practices. The best examples of these partnerships are projects like highway caps and development of spaces underneath highways that bring about more equitable outcomes, address racial disparities, reduce environmental impacts, enhance transportation service, and improve acceptance and delivery of projects. Such outcomes are not guaranteed, however, and there is little guidance regarding what practices may lead to the most ideal outcomes. This symposium will present case studies from across the nation, and the lessons learned from them to identify new trends in transportation projects. These trends can enhance transportation facilities by incorporating non-transportation uses and planning innovations to create mutually beneficial outcomes.

Proposed Schedule

12:00    Welcome, Introductions and Charge for the day: Frank Douma, University of Minnesota

12:10    First Keynote: Peter Park

12:30    Case Studies:

12:30    Sweet Auburn, Atlanta

12:40    Park East and I-794, Milwaukee

12:50    discussion


1:00      Second Keynote: Paul Angelone, ULI

1:20      Case Studies:

1:20      Capitol Crossing, Washington, DC (invited)

1:30      11th Street Bridge, Washington, DC (invited)

1:40      discussion


1:50      Presentation and discussion of draft “Best Practices” Frank Douma and Maya Sheikh, University of Minnesota

  • ROW use agreements
  • Ensure the Engineers are on board / account for the transportation purpose
  • Account for equity
  • “anti-gentrification” measures

2:10      Workshop activity: 3 Mentimeter questions

  1. Rank and/or discard the best practices
  2. What has been the most interesting piece of information for you today? (Word Cloud)
  3. What will you take away / do differently when approaching Right of Way planning? (Record individual answers)

2:30      Discussion

2:40      Local Perspective: Keith Baker Reconnect Rondo

2:50      Summary and next steps: Cyrus Knudsen, MnDOT

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