Our Origins

Our origins are deeply rooted in community. We started as the Resilient Cities and Communities Coalition project of the Alliance for Sustainability. After three years of groundbreaking community development work the Alliance board voted to evolve the project into its own organization. The Alliance for Sustainability is moving in a new direction with the vision of creating a national sustainability presence.

As we prepared our new organizational structure, we were invited to reimagine and renew the mission of the long-standing local Bioneers chapter, Northland Sustainable Solutions. This resulted in a metamorphosis of Resilient Cities & Communities (RCC) to carry on the shared vision of emerging and energizing local actions for resilient and regenerative futures in Minnesota.

Where we’ve been.

Both organizations are known for grassroots organizing, technical assistance, support of climate and equity leaders, working with BIPOC and Indigenous communities, and learning to lead from the heart of Nature’s Wisdom. From these origins of people and projects RCC celebrates deep roots in sustainability and looks to the opportunities to build resilience for creating regenerative futures. 

Where we’re heading.

We continue to build on our work of forging citizen organizations, bridging relationships for equal access to climate actions. This time is the most important moment in human history. The next decade is the most important time in our lives. RCC will meet this challenge by connecting county, regional and state policies to local jurisdictions, and creating environmental and social justice in city comprehensive plans for implementing actions, and measuring impacts of greater vitality and wellbeing in the communities where we work and live. 

Learn more about The Alliance for Sustainability here.

Learn more about Northland Sustainable Solutions here.

Our Vision

We envision a world where everyone has access to healthy air, water and soil, affordable clean energy, and thriving families and communities with everyone’s fundamental needs being met.

Our Mission

We are engaging powerful peer-learning networks who are implementing equitable strategies for BIPOC communities and youth to secure high impact actions to eliminate disparities and build climate and community resilience.

OUR People


Sean Gosiewski

Leo Ndiaye, Coordinator, MN BIPOC Local Elected Leaders Network


Asad Aliweyd

Board Member

Robert Blake

Vice President

Philipp Muessig

Secretary & Treasurer

Jennifer Munt


Tatyana Nelima

Board Member