Resilient Cities and Communities Planning Retreat

Saturday January 7th, 2023 10am to Noon & 1pm to 3pm on

(in person option – email if interested)

  • Share what your city, county or organization hopes to accomplish in 2023
  • Brainstorm ways our RCC network can support your city’s next steps

Please RSVP to receive Zoom LINK

2023 Brings us a Once-in-a-Decade Opportunity to Advance Local Climate Action

Many cities and counties now have climate-friendly majorities!

Our MN Legislature & Governor are ready to pass climate-friendly policies & funding in 2023 with a $17 Billion state budget surplus

We’re inviting you to help us plan ways we can make the most of these amazing opportunities in 2023

RSVP to join us Saturday Jan 7 10am to Noon – citizen, city and county leaders and resource partners will work in small groups to  

  • Share what you hope to to accomplish in 2023
  • Review innovative actions cities are taking (and hope to take) & MN State policy & funding opportunities and new federal IIJA & IRA funding opportunities (and gaps) to reduce household energy burdens and to electrify buildings and transportation
  • Brainstorm additional ways our RCC Network can support more cities & counties to implement high impact climate actions together

Possible Ways our RCC Network Can support your next steps in 2023

  • City Climate Action Work Plan Development Events – two half days
  • Launching new multi-city implementation teams for high impact actions
  • Cities and Counties working together to secure & invest new state and federal resources

Add your ideas to our Google Jam Board

  • Successful examples of high impact actions cities have taken
  • Currently available resources to support cities
  • Suggest new multi-city topic teams we can launch together
  • Share your priorities for advancing needed state policies and securing new state funding to support local climate implementation
  • Share Federal Funding Resources to support local climate implementation