City Council Members and Mayors from across MN that are working for local and state climate solutions have begun meeting together as the MN Cities Climate Caucus

to get involved please contact Larry Kraft, St. Louis Park City Council Member, or Lola Schoenrich GPI 612-720-9558

MN Cities to Declare a Climate Emergency! Invite your City Council pass the resolution & join the effort. handout

Local governments of all sizes, and in all regions of MN will join in declaring a Climate Emergency on January 24th or 25th, calling for immediate action at all levels of government to address the climate crisis. By acting simultaneously, these state-wide localities expect to amplify their impact, speaking together to urge local, state and federal action.

Citizen leaders and youth are invited to support your City Council pass the resolution & join the effort! Local elected officials working on this in these jurisdictions:  Bloomington, Columbia Heights, Edina, Golden Valley, Grand Marais, Grand Rapids, Lauderdale, Moorhead, Northfield, Red Wing, Robbinsdale, Rochester, St. Louis Park. They would love to have support from people in their communities – youth, anyone who cares about the climate.