Network Partners Annual Sponsor Donation Form

RCC’s Partners/Annual Sponsors are vital to the success of our RCC network. We invite your business, nonprofit. city or county to work with us  

Visibility – share your organization’s resources & case studies through RCC events, webinars, topic teams, county clusters, e-news & social media.
City Teams & County Clusters – help advance the work of your City’s commissions & citizen networks and strengthen city-county collaborative initiatives
Topic Teams – Add your expertise to a current or new Topic-Specific Multi-City Implementation Team
Policy Advocacy – Help track & advance state & federal funding and policy solutions

Become a Business Partner/Sponsor for Resilient Cities and Communities by completing our Sponsor Donation Form

Small Businesses, Organizations or Cities $500 to $2,500

Medium Sized Businesses, Organizations or Cities $2,500 to $5,000

Large Businesses, Organizations or Cities $5,000 to $10,000

 RCC Sustainable Business Partner Benefits:

Visibility for your company’s innovation and leadership

  • Referrals to consumers, businesses, congregations, and cities seeking your services
  • Share your company’s projects/ services on webinars
  • Your projects highlighted on RCC Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles 
  • Employee engagement – within their home communities
  • Green Rock Apartments has 300,000 watts of solar panels up or in process, white reflective roofs, reflective coatings on windows for heat reduction and privacy, high efficiency boilers, new energy efficient doors and windows, a geothermal system installed in 2010, high efficiency infrared electric space heaters, and all electric work vehicles, including a 4×4 ATV for snow removal and gardening from DRR performance vehicles. We have installed dozens of heat pump units to reduce our tenants utility costs and the PLANETS!